“I understand how daunting the journey can feel when your child is diagnosed with scoliosis. As you navigate through all the new terms and decisions, I’m here to offer guidance, clarity, and reassurance.


Scoliosis curves are as unique as the individuals they affect. They are typically classified by the region of the spine they occupy (be it the thoracic, lumbar, or thoracolumbar sections) as well as the shape—whether they’re a ‘C’ or an ‘S’-shaped curve.


Identifying the curve is the first step in crafting a treatment path that’s as individual as your child.  To learn more about curve types, click here: What is scoliosis? (hot-link)


If left unchecked, scoliosis curves can progress, especially during periods of rapid growth. So the most opportune time to address these curves is when the spine is still growing and most responsive to treatment. It’s a window that offers us the best chance to reduce the likelihood of progression, even potentially correct it.


Monitoring your child’s curve is a collaborative effort. It involves regular check-ups, often accompanied by imaging studies like X-rays, to track changes in the curve’s angle – a measure known as the Cobb angle. We advocate for a type of X-ray known as EOS imaging, designed to expose your child to far less radiation than conventional X-rays. Beyond clinical appointments, being attentive to your child’s posture, the fit of their clothing, and any changes in their back’s appearance can be key indicators that warrant further assessment. As parents, you hold a powerful role in staying ahead of curve progression. It starts with observation, but also maintaining a dialogue with your child about their comfort and any changes they may notice.


I believe in empowering you with strategies to keep a vigilant eye on your child’s curves, ensuring timely and effective interventions. With a tailored brace, expertly fitted to your child’s unique anatomy and needs, we’ll work not just to contain their curve but to stay a step ahead.

Remember, in my practice, you’re never facing this alone. My expertise in biomechanics and brace engineering is at your service, but it’s my commitment to your child’s well-being that truly shapes our approach. Together, we’ll navigate this path, keeping your child’s health, happiness, and future at the forefront.”


Rigo Concept Scoliosis Brace Specialist

BSPTS Schroth Certified Physiotherapist (C1)

Out of Brace (Left) - In Brace (Right)