“Regarding care, I have always strived to go beyond what is expected to elevate the standard of care. It’s with this spirit that I introduce a service close to my heart – our Concierge Orthotist Services. This offering is more than a feature; it’s a commitment to reach every child who needs our help, transcending the barriers of distance and circumstance.


I recognize that for some families, the journey to our practice isn’t just a matter of miles; it’s a road wrought with challenges, either health-related, financial, or both. It’s for these families that we extend our services beyond the confines of our practice.


Our Concierge Orthotist Services are designed with a single goal in mind: to provide personalized, top-tier orthotic care directly to your doorstep. We understand the essence of time in treating scoliosis curves and promise prompt brace delivery, whether your child is geographically close to our locations or not. Our goal is to make every moment count, ensuring that we’re not just delivering a brace but also delivering hope and a path to improved well-being. So, if traveling to us poses a challenge, let us come to you. Our Concierge Orthotist Services are here to ensure that distance no longer dictates the quality of care your child receives.”


Rigo Concept Scoliosis Brace Specialist

BSPTS Schroth Certified Physiotherapist (C1)