“In the realm of scoliosis treatment, the Rigo Concept for bracing (Rigo-Cheneau type of brace) stands out as a beacon of innovation, born from the collaborative genius of Dr. Manuel Rigo and Jacques Cheneau. This brace is a reflection of their deep understanding that scoliosis is fundamentally a three-dimensional condition. Rotation informs the curve’s severity. What sets the Rigo-Concept apart is its ability to ‘uncork’ the rotation that scoliosis can impose, thereby reducing the curvature.


Whereas some braces rely on uniform pressure, the Rigo-Concept Brace is discerning—it applies corrective forces precisely where they’re needed. It fundamentally creates a mirror image of your child’s curvatures, encouraging the spine to migrate toward a corrected position. The fabrication of the brace is customized for each child. An additional benefit of this optimization is that unnecessary padding is eliminated, resulting in a brace that’s lighter, more breathable, and less intrusive in daily life.


Rigo Concept Scoliosis Brace Specialist

BSPTS Schroth Certified Physiotherapist (C1)