Walter A Ramos Lic. PT -  Lic. O&P

Walter is a licensed physical therapist and licensed orthotist & prosthetist with specialty in Scoliosis.  He has worked as an orthotist for over 20 years, initiating his practice at his family business in Bogota, Colombia.  As a licensed physical therapist, he was trained on Schroth based PSSE (physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercises) through the Barcelona School of Physical Therapy for Scoliosis (BSPTS) under the direct training and guidance of Beth Janssen PT and Dr Manual Rigo.  Walter also trained to fit and provide Rigo Cheneau type of braces for scoliosis.

He is the only PSSE (Schroth based) trained physical therapist in Florida who has an orthotic license and is trained to provide the Rigo type of brace for scoliosis. With his background in ontological coaching Walter is a good support for patients and families.