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“Crafting a brace goes beyond the scope of biomechanics or engineering; it is a discipline enriched by the heart. It involves equal parts craftsmanship and the ability to listen.


With each brace, I listen intently to what your child’s curves tell us. Understanding the language of the spine informs the design language of the brace. This journey is not just about technical prowess, though that is vital. It’s about the craft—the instinct, the meticulous shaping of materials, and certainly finesse as well, as an effective brace must also be a comfortable companion for your child. After all, their compliance is crucial to the brace’s success. To be a successful brace-maker, you must understand how to listen and embrace the craft.


Therefore, the art behind brace-making is a continuous dialogue—a conversation between the orthotist, the patient, and the spine. A brace must strike the balance between strength and grace, not unlike the child it serves. The reward of the craft is to feel the recognition of the child that together we are shaping a path for them toward success.”


Rigo Concept Scoliosis Brace Specialist

BSPTS Schroth Certified Physiotherapist Therapist (C1)

The Craft - Scoliosis Today